Second Rest Stop

View from Newmans front yard

View from Newmans front yard

This is the view from the Newman’s front yard.  We arrived in Alpine UT late morning Saturday, and began another great reunion with more dear friends.  We enjoyed a drive up a canyon and loved being back in a mountain setting.  View great, but the lower temps are special!  We enjoyed an meal out on the Newmans and had ole friends from Austin now living a community next to Alpine come over and say hey.  Kevin (wife Lisa) teaches at BYU, and looks none the worse for wear after 7 years in zion.   Fun day at church meeting new folks.  SS teacher had lived in Georgetown Texas years ago,  one of the speakers in Sacrament meeting is a Aussie (pronounced Auzzie) and Carman asked if we might sound like that after our mission and I said I sure hope so (take something special back to Texas).  I also called fellow church members from the Anderson Mill Ward who lived in SLC and he called back this AM…. fun to talk to Matt Wirthlin and find out he has two daughters.  Sunday eve we saw more old friends from our California days (Charisse Decker and daughter Jenisse, Anne and Ray Robinson) fun fun fun!

The residual of this four day visit with friends is we came to the MTC this morning fresh, rested, relaxed and ready.  A great blessing!

Day one of MTC is:  AM check in get supplies from MTC, PM Welcome, Overview of training (we get two weeks worth of what the young elders/sister crammed into 4 days).  Health overview – including how to wash our hands.  Tomorrow is full (8-5) and then an evening devotional with someone from Hqts.  Tell ya more tomorrow.

Carol and I feel many wonderful things our first day.  Humbled by the power we feel all around,  uplifted by the company we are in.  Way happy to be on this track.

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