Early December Update

A Christmas song not heard here: “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas”.  The stores have the BIG containers of sunblock front and center.  Temp getting higher and higher each day.  Windy also.  Mid 90’s each day now, but the night get down to mid 60’s. So we have great sleeping weather.
Last eve we helped with some prep work for over 250 people’s baptism.  A member came to the Family History Centre and we helped him retrieve some files of an old 31/4 floppy.  He was clueless, and Elder Hoag just guessed a lot.  Result  – mission accomplished!!  A success story.  All names on his newer Apple unit with some classy family history software.  We were most impressed with the revolving 3D family tree.  Don’t know how it really helps, but it’s classy to look at.
Our labors are mostly in the community service  area.  We go to the nursing home and help regularly, and have made  friends there.  Stacy is our ‘boss”, she’s the Diversion Therapy leader.  She may join us a Church soon to check it out.
I have some flat pix I’ll post here.

Entrance to flat

Entrance to flat

Now the front room

If I were at the computer it would look more usual, and some things would have been picked up

If I were at the computer it would look more usual, and some things would have been picked up

Now the kitchen – – adequate, but we don’t fit there together.

Tired range

Tired range

manual dishwasher

manual dishwasher

The box at the end of the sink is the pantry.  Service for 4 in plates and glassses, and all non frig food things.

Ugh - woman get off that computer and fix the flat!

Ugh - woman get off that computer and fix the flat!

That was a sexist comment.  What’s wrong with you Elder?  The table on the left is a new “find” from the second had store.  Just right for the projector.  The jumlbe of wire is a result of the power location.  Not to complain, but not what I’m used to. Kitchen has ONE power outlet.  Extension cord goes over the top of range back to run the micro.

Yes!  It really does wash the clothes.  Not a lot, but it does great.

Yes! It really does wash the clothes. Not a lot, but it does great.

See the two knobs over the machine.  One lets in fairly clean cold water, the other lets in the nastiest brown hot water.  Or it did the first day we were here.  All my brandnew white shirts got a new Kalgoorlie dye job.  Many soaks, and labors have them back to somewhat white.  The brown faucet is turned OFF!  It plays the classiest tune when it finishes.  We’ll put in a later update.

Dunny off the laundry/rear entrance room.

Dunny off the laundry/rear entrance room.

Works good!!  Queen size.  Small room, only sleep here.

Works good!! Queen size. Small room, only sleep here.

An Elders "night stand".  Check out power dist.  Yep it's an upside down laundry basket.

An Elders "night stand". Check out power dist. Yep it's an upside down laundry basket.

Wire to Carol’s light, my light, and fan.  Now a big load, but this is ALL that is in the room.  Bare walls – more later.

Enough bedroom pictures – simple story – adequate!

Sister Hoag's closet in the dressing room

Sister Hoag's closet in the dressing room

Yep that’s Elder’s shirt hung on the door knob – some things never change.  This is actually the third bedroom.  They are all small,  but it works!

The bath

The bath

Yep that be Elders towel hanging over door.  Rack to small.  Fold it and its wet tomorrow…DADADA.  All the knobs . . I’ll splain . . two for shower, two for bath, now that wasn’t rocket science.  Different is OK.

Yep Ceiling light fixture.  Same in all rooms.

Yep Ceiling light fixture. Same in all rooms.

Folks in Perth think we still use candles.  NOT.  We got e-l-e-c-t-r-i-c-i-t-y!  And we know how to use it out here in the bush!

Solar dryer.  Fencing is VERY common all over Kalgoorlie.

Solar dryer. Fencing is VERY common all over Kalgoorlie.

Some places the front fence is just like this back fence.  Not very scenic, but there is no view here anyway.  A few yards are well done with many flowers.  We’ll travel around town someday with the camera ready and show more of the town.

Rear patio and

Rear patio and

If you look very closely you’ll see the hose that carries the dischage water from the air con (Aussie for Air Conditioning) to the grass.  They even sell little sprinklers you can attach to the hose at a store that is a lot like Home Depot.  It’s a good thing to have the shade cloth over the front and rear.  Very tired, but doing its job of keeping the sun off the brick.  This kind of aircon can only work if it is dry, and they promise that it is dry here.

The new viewing (training) room

The new viewing (training) room

Last pix . . .  The screen was a extra Dell deal.  Really like it.  Notice no pictures on ANY wall no not one!!  BIG no no here.  My trainier on things Aussie explained that some landlord got big bucks from the church because somone hung something.  We were told we may not even use the sticky mounts.   How does screen stay up?  Magic!

Next post will include some discription of Kalgoorlie in pictutre format.  May include some pictures of folks from here too.

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First Report From Australia

WOW is this over due or what.  BUT nothing that $$ Can’t solve.   The ole computer just gave up the ghost here, and after a long struggle is got replaced with a new HP notebook.  Oh and the camera I left the USA  with did not arrive in Australia with me.  And while we’re on the subject of justification for gagets . .we bought a GPS unit.  The GPS always seemed frivolus, but driving in Perth and remembering which side of the road to drive on and fit on smaller and busy streets, and FIND the destination make it dear gift (to ourselves none the less).

After being here a few weeks our mission president came to town for a Branch Conference and asked if I still loved him after being sent to Kalgoorlie.  We still do.  This is our mission.  We are not worried about PLACE, or STATION, or GEORGAPHY.  We are here to learn, love and serve.  Oh how we are learning – language, customs, and food.  The love part is sooooo easy.  These Australians are easy to love.  We are anxious to serve, but don’t think we’re even close to being fully engaged.  We do feel the Lord is/will be patient with us, and the week ahead has many things showing up on the calendar.  (Nursing home – Teen event helpers – meals on wheels)

More about the nursing home.  First event was to accompany a bus load of folks to a lunch out event.  Helped load folks on/off the bus (walkers/wheelchairs/oxy bottles etc).   Then lunch – ate fish – was good.  Two ladies accros the table had a “shandy” for their beverage.  Shandy is 1/2 limonade, and 1/2 beer.  Can’t have any of that.  Second event was a trip to the Cinema.  Bad movie – we all left.  The lady that is our interface (Diversion Therapist) is on holiday, but we told her and others that we would be popping in from time to time.  We went Friday, and had a LARGE task laid on us.  I’ll make it short.. Mary went from home to hospital to nursing home over two years ago.  She went back to her  home a week ago and found it in shambles.  She can do nothing (in a wheel chair).  A care giver took us aside as soon as we walked in and asked if we could help Mary.  We have started.  After a visit we took her keys and drove to the home.  Keys not necessary.  Big hole in wall in bath room, very dusty.  Most drawers opened, and contents strewn about.  Withe the Kalgoorlie Branch (of the church) help we’ll shape this place up and get it ready for sale (probably worth more that she knows – much commercial all around this OLD (stove in kitchen is wood fired) home.  Mary has no family, never married, brother passed a few years ago.  We explained to Mary that she is an answer to our prayers to find a place where we can help.  We’ve now got it.  One more note of the nursing home.  Tuesday is the Melborne cup (a horse race much like Kentucky derby) where the whole country comes to a stop.  Big event at the nursing home and we’re there early to help set up and have dinner with the whole place.  Sounds like fun.

This is going on some, but I’ll try and make it some brief.  We have been back to Perth for a special zone conference, and had Elder Richard Hinckley there to instruct us.  Rare treat.  Learned a lot.  More later maybe.

Bigger shock is the price of groceries. but with the current exchange rate (.67us/1 Aussie $) we’re ok.  But still bannanas at $2/lb it’s still steep.  Beef is costly, lamb is less, and pork is the lowest price in the meat cabinet.  There’s a milk product that our orienting team (in Perth) told us about that is a good value, and can be stored until its open in the pantry.  Produce is good, the ice cream is not Blue Bell, but I’m probably better for it.

New words:   “no worries” – means it’s ok, or no problem.  In a shop the other day a lady talked about a flash flood hitting a small town west of here, but east of Perth in the out back.  The lady said all the water went down  the gurgler meaning drain.  Macka means MacDonalds as in hamburgers, etc.  We ate there last Fri eve to see what its like . just as bad here as it is there.

I’ll attach a few pictures, and more later.

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Under way

"Graduating Classmates"

That be me back left second one in -eye’s and hair…

The whole MTC was wonderful.  Room, food, the associations, the lessons, and the depth of spiritual influence was like nothing we have ever experienced.  I have sent notes to some folks strongly recommending they prayerfully consider their avilability.  An experience not to miss for sure.

We are at SLC airport waiting for leg one.  Will arrive Wednesday afternoon 3:05ish.  About 19 plane hours.  Longest leg 14 hrs LA to SIdney – then 5 to Perth.  Fun FUN FUN!!!

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Pre MTC at Binns

Thursday was an early get up (3:30 am) for a arrival at airport at 6 AM.  Flight to SLC was fine, and early, walk from plane to baggage was 1/2 way across the airport, but we needed the walk after the 2.5 hr sit.

FUN!! Seening the Binns again.  Thier request was “what do you want to see?”….. a chair and bed.  after a chat & lunch and a nap we were progesssing nicely.

Friday after a wonderful rest we went for a tour of a close canyon in the Binns’ 68 Olds convertable.  Been refurb’d and upgrade engine (rebuilt 455 cu in)

After a trip to the canyon and stop for a burger Elder and Sister Hoag toured temple square.

view from Joseph Smith Memorial Building 10 floor.

view from Joseph Smith Memorial Building 10 floor.

The tabernacle and conference center were closed due to preperation for an event in the evening, but we enjoyed to stroll about none-the-less.  Chatted with several missionaries, two from Australia.  Both said we’d love Perth.  Everyone we told we were headed to Australia Perth Mission were envious.  A few more pictures.

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Mission Prep Ongoing BUT!!

Time is slipping away and there is plenty to do.  We’ve been treated with two open house events, and both were great fun and much appreciated.  We have so much to be thankful for and the many friends are the richest part.  We have to pack, see the dentist and get a few things kicked out of the shop.

One more picture here just to add something besides words:

Well such as it is this is what Australian’s will deal with.  Better yet this picture was what was attached to the mission papers sent to SLC.

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The Mission

Note 1  September 8, 2008

Getting ready.  Depart in 10 daze for Salt Lake City.  Visit Binns family the 18th and 19th, the the Newmans on 20th and 21st.  Binns get us at the airport and Newmans drop us at the MTC, Monday the 22nd late morning.

Still have to do last minute things like bank, practice pack. and a few shots.  To this point I can report that we could not have asked for things to have worked out better.

Sat last (6th) we went to an open house hosted by the Fullers (old friends/neighbors/members Anderson Mill Ward).  It was fun to see old friends. One couple, Dave and Diane Morris came from San Antonio, and another, Lane and Stacy Gurel came from Arkansas.  We appreciated the good wishes of all that came. This coming Saturday (13th) there is another open house at the Garcia’s  (Silverio was 2nd Counselor during my stint in the Chisholm Trail Ward).

We are available for 1/1 exchanges via email go to richard.hoag@gmail.com We also plan to do “G” talk – our son-in-law said this is the better of the choices for internet free telephone.  We will get this together soon and do some practice before we depart. We are open for suggestions and coaching tips.  One thing we have already tried was facebook, and decided that it was  distracting and didn’t fit what we’re going to do over the next 18 months.

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