Fleets and Flats

So Just What is That We do in THIS aassignment in Perth? ? ? ?

Ten new Elders and one new Sister and their trainers and Mission Pres and Wife.  AND THEY ALL HAVE TO BE bedded down each night and get about Perth to do their mission (Invite all to Come Unto Christ).   This is an unusual incoming “class”, but none the less there was some planning and effort prior to their arrival.

Sister Hoag and I deal with the dwelling places (flats).  Some dwellings are simple modest houses, others are duplex or the like.  One I am aware of is actually in a complex on the second floor.  But apartment buildings as we yanks know them are not all that common.  We clear and clean vacated flats (not the funnest part of the mission) and find and open new places.  We’ve done a few of each.  In the day to day life Sister Hoag handles the administrata in the office and Elder Hoag is out and about: changing out burned out light bulbs (called globes here), fixing a dripping faucet (my father taught me how to do this about 5 jillion years ago, but I remembered – can’t recon a dripping faucet in my life in USA in the past several decades.)   I have done several renditions of drip, no water, some water.  Some of the hardware is obsolete (so said the guy at the hardware store), but the task is to restore service and I have accomplished this in every case.  We also deal with “water won’t drain in … shower, toilet, etc.  The only sticky wicket was a bathroom sink drain that finally required the roto router trick on the exterior drain due to roots in the drain.  Shower drains have been #1 on the hit parade of drain issues.  Good news  . . .no camera for me to record the long hair rope I pulled out a shower that was used by three South Pacific Island Sisters for many months.  My memory will fade in time and my appetite will return.

Where to get parts?  Well across the USA it’s called Home Depot.  In Australia it is Bunnings.  Some store just green not orange.  Looks the same with few that can actually help, but I felt completely at home in minutes.  They do have an employee (lady) at the entrance that can make suggestions of where to go, but they usually are there to help other ladies.  Would I need to stop and ask?  Only to offer missionary type help.

In the above case I left a note: Please save (pot at sink)  for University study, perhaps this culture could be the cure for cancer!

AND once in a while I see great things going on in/at the flats.  On this day I went to fix a drip and change out used up light bulbs for some good ones.

Which white one is mine?  Push trunk (boot) button and up pops my car.  Easy.  No argument about color.  Not many issues about use or service.  It does seen that we usually have one car at the Panel Beaters Shop (think Body and Fender Shop) most times.  At the current time we have three cars that need to be cycled through the repair place.  None major,  but backing accidents (do this and use drive privilege for time specified by mission pres) are the usual cause of scrapes and dents.  A contributing factor is most Car Parks (think parking lot) or other places where you go with a car are close. Close garage or car port spaces,  and many fences, wall, or boundaries.  Most fences here are brick.

It happened on Sunday in the church car park.  Rule #1 says “must have co-driver outside during backing operation.  Well co-driver was sitting in his seat, two sisters missionaries, that were not drivers, were assisting backing, and the driver was about to get a hearing aid (has it now).  Result – dent.  There is much more, but we’ll leave that part out because it just MY opinion.

More Flat Experience.

Older home in Busselton.  We had to make the selection for a move in early October.

Rear view of same house in Busselton.

Good news – we checked this place out after the missionaries had been there for a few months.  Superb job they’re doing.  They arranged the furniture to suit themselves, but it is as clean as it was the day before they moved in.  One change was made.  The table shown here had a glass top.  Elder Hoag being somewhat a realist asked that that table be removed by the owner ASAP.

SO there  . . . . something about Fleets and Flats.  Some days can’t remember my head hitting the pillow. Good news . . .a great way to finish the mission; so busy that times is going by at turbo speed.

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