June Update

Still Here!  In the last post I said something about less scenery and more people.  BUT a sunset picture to start off.


We have many many sunset pictures.  Wait till I get home!  I’ll put many folks to sleep with these displays.

Now to the task at hand.  Missionary work.  We do not knock doors.  We do not hide well in a crowd however.  Average height of an Aussie is short, thus we are not lost on the street.  We have met some folks on the beach and saved one couple a long walk back to the hotel place into the wind.  Some days it’s easy to be friendly.  They invited us for a coffee, but it turned into a milk shake and a visit.  Yesterday we shared our table with a couple on holiday from Perth.  They though their church should do more missionary work.  They left with a pass along card inviting them to seek copy of a booklet about improving family relations.  We like popping about town and eating lunch from time to time on the “street”.  Our community service work is mostly focused on the Broome Primary School.  (grades k-6).



IMG_1355 IMG_1502

Four shots give you a sample of Broome Primary.  On Monday we are there at 8:30 for writing class in Mrs. Uglow’s grade two class.  The story begins with; “On the weekend I” and we help the children build on that.  I asked one spunky student about his weekend and the response was: “Is that any business of yours?”  We have become friends.  On Tuesday we are at Miss LaMela grade two class to help with reading.  We sit outside the class room on a bench and the children read from a level appropriate book to us.  None have noticed that Elder Hoag can read pretty well upside down!.  The picture above (children in circle playing) is from my reading helper post.  This group of grade two students can pop right outside to get the wiggles out, and it works well.  The other day at the shopping center we ran into one of the students that Sister Hoag helps with reading, and she was so excited to see Sister Hoag.  She was very anxious to have us meet her mum.  On Wednesday we do the Red Cross breakfast club.  At school at 7:00.  Red Cross menu is NO SUGAR!  All whole grain.  Soy or Skim milk.  Whole grain toast with marg and Marmite (like vegamite).  Fruit (apples, rockmellon, oranges, bannana, pears).  The cereal is wheat a bix.  It becomes a sodden mass about .0000001 of a second after the milk hits it.  One drinks it verses eating chewing the cold porrage.  I’d better be careful . .someone out there may really like that stuff . .  but it is not a big item with the children at Broome Promary.  The big item is toast.  This morning, for example, we toasted over 6 loaves of bread (do pickup at bakery the evening before at bakery closing time). On Thursday we do breakfast club,and then, at 8:30, back to Mrs. Uglow’s class for Maths (yep that’s an “s” – the aussie way of describling this subject)  Sitting at a grade appropriate table and chair (meaning I’m looking out between my knees)  and flailing problems on wipable laminated sheets for four or five students.  One hour of that intensly energized crew leaves us both limp from the effort. We love the students, and feel the love, but on any given moment we hear; “to easy, to hard, me next, no me, I need the rubber (cloth eraser), faster, slower, my turn.”  Today we were there with a sub, and guess what . . .subs get walked on, but this lady has a superb sense of humor and gets control back very quickly. Today on the way out we were invited into a class room by one of the staff there.  Deb Robinsons class room was real class act.  See:


I have Miss Robinson’s picture, but had better not put in blog witout permission.  But a quick trip into this room told a great story of a very professional and hard working teacher.  All the class rooms we have been in are a piece of work, and display many ways for the childern to “get it.”

We love, and cherish our time at Broome Primary.


It’s called Prisioner Boab tree, and is just off the road about 5 km out of Derby.  We went to Derby on Monday (1 June)  to see/find members there.   We found one,  discovered one address change, and did not find a valid address for others.  The ride to Derby takes over 2 hours, and is through the bush (only view is forward or rear view mirror).


Not one but TWO one lane bridges on the way to Derby.  Makes perfect sense to me.  The plaque at one end said this bridge has been there for 41 years, and 41 years ago this place was way remote.   From Roebuck (about 20 miles out of Broome) to Derby there is nothing.  No houses, sheds, nada.  Road good.  No traffic.  And at Derby – – –


Use a boat if you intend to play in the water.  No beach there either…just mud.  And tide differential is over 11 meters.

Week before last we did Zone conference here in Broome at our house.    Elders from Port Hedland (Anderson and Sluder) and Karatha (DeThierry and Karaitiana) and then AP’s Cooper and Stocksdale, and President and Sister Maurer.  We did dinner on Thursday eve for the Port Hedland and Karatha missionaries, and then the local pizza shop delivered pizza for our mid day meal on Friday.  Early Friday morning I started a batch of dough for cinnamon rolls. I did a roll out demo right after lunch for all, and then minutes before the afternoon session was over the rolls came out of the oven . . .and then disapeared.


Elder’s Stocksdale, Cooper, Sluder, Karaitiana, Anderson & DeThierry pre departure on 23 May.

We have a young man going through the discussions with us, and he said the word baptism, but we have some ground to gain before we’re ready for white clothes.  Maybe in the future we’ll have a picture of this fine young man.  We hope!

Church here in Broome is the same but different.  Two hours on Sunday fits real well here.  Untill Mel showed up with her crew a few weeks ago we were at single digit headcount.  Mid teens is typical, and 20’s is a dream.  Total branch roster is 30 +/-.  Two Melchizedek priesthood holders + Elder Hoag,  two Aaronic Priesthood Brethren, and no youth program.  Tried to raise some interest, but nothing yet.  Since arrival here March 20.  Elder Hoag has been called on to speak or teach each Sunday except for a week ago at Branch Conference where the Branch Pres, and counselor in mission presidency spoke/taught. This week will be light because the Branch Pres and family are in Perth.

So we’re up to date.  One more sunset picture to close.


Bun, burger, bacon, cheese, egg – “the lot” . . . oh yea I’m looking for sunset pix . . .

Outside Red Cross office (2nd floor) down Short St over the airport toward Cable Beach

Outside Red Cross office (2nd floor) down Short St over the airport toward Cable Beach

One of many

One of many

Bye for now. . . . want more sunset….come on over. We have a bedroom available!

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