Broome Update #2

img_1122And so another day closes on Australia.   We have to submit ourselves to this scene weekly (Monday) to keep our balance.  Sounds like a good enough reason for now.

We have been in Broome for a month now, and feel like we have an idea or two about what we might do.  We have found the Red Cross office and put smiles on their faces getting signed up for community service tasks.  As it stands right now we are helping with a breakfast (brekkie here) for primary school students two of the three days a week that it is offered.  We hope to work through another Red Cross person that has a focus on the nursing home – we’re waiting on a call back, but may just pop into the nursing home today.  After the nursing home routine is established we shall see what we have left and work more community service things in as we find them.

This past Thursday through  Saturday we made a trip to Port Hedland for a zone conference.   Different road trip.  There is NOTHING (see Pix) between here and there except two road houses.   For those that don’t know “road house” – is a fuel place,  food place, toilet, maybe motel/camp ground (caravan park), and some shade and tables to rest at.   At the first road house (Sand Fire) we bought a sandwich, and a drink, and took a break.  Big flock of peacocks roaming about the place looking for a visitor to drop a crumb.  The place burned a few years back, and a sign promised a rebuild soon.  Can’t imagine it will be a place of high income . . not a lot of traffic

img_1082Note:  No hills, no traffic, no police, not a lot of trees (here), and not a lot to do except steer for 600+ k’s (385 miles).   About the top 1/4 of the journey was in, what I cal,  the green ditch – road, shoulder,  some grass (about 5-10 meters) and then brush/trees.  View is straight ahead or in the rear view mirror.  After we broke out of the green ditch there was undulating to flat grass lands.  There was one section (maybe 10 k’s long) where there were cattle all over the place on both sides of the road.  Many many many cattle.  Good news – there were fences.  Most of the journey to Port Hedland is across open and same looking country side.  img_1072Not all pictures are worth a 1000 words, but this shot gives a good summary for the reason for Port Hedland’s existence.  As I understand it, iron ore discovery, in large exportable quantities, is a fairly new thing (1960 I think I remember).  Thus Port Hedland facilities are pretty new, as compared to our stay in Kalgoorlie.

img_1064The huge contrivance in this picture is scooping up the material in a long berm for what ever is next.  Note at the left end of the long boom there is a significant spray of water.   This whole place is about this special red color.  Except  there are other minerals as well.

img_1069I’d guess it is salt, but no one told me,  I didn’t ask, and I didn’t taste.  A real stand out contrast to the red hue of everything else.

I told myself that the next post would be more about our labors here, and about the people.  Well maybe soon, but at least everyone is up to date on what we’re seeing, and where we’re going.   We are well, happy, very glad to be here, and there is a promise that the temps will go down over the next weeks.  Seeing some sign of that already.

Stay tuned.  The next post will have few picture….. maybe only of people.

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